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Precision Castings Of The Cavity Should Not Be Used When Casting Or Less Core Feb 15, 2017

A, to facilitate the manufacture of models, core boxes and modeling:

1) precision casting shape should be simple, in order to facilitate the mold, should try to make the casting surface is flat, and the smallest number;

2) precision casting cavity stress casting or no use of the core, when using the core, it should facilitate its support, fixed and exhaust sand, if necessary, should be equipped with enough technology hole;

3) for the precision casting inside and outside the side and strengthen the ribs and other structures, should be in the direction of the mold with a certain structural slope;

4) precision castings on the part of the boss and the precision casting body should not be too large difference, it is best to take the same height, the same side of the distance between the few bumps, the best connected into the overall convex part.