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What Should Be Done When The Heat Resistant Steel Charging Tray Appears Cracks During Welding? Nov 16, 2017

When the heat resistant steel charging tray cracks during welding, first, along the edge of the crack on both sides of the groove, the depth and length of the groove should be removed and re-welded. When the crack in the heat resistant steel charging tray is welded, the head should be sealed first, because the crack root begins to weld along the crack. When the hardness is greater than HRC38, the cover surface should be covered with AI02 welding rod.

For the welded parts of the heat resistant steel charging tray, after the temperature of the first layer is cooled to 200-300℃, then clean the

should be cooled at the first layer temperature to 200 - 300 ℃, then clean the welded skin and weld the second layer,and the like.

In the welding of the heat resistant steel charging tray, the cutting and correcting the beveling of the edge by oxyacetylene flame according to the field condition. In order to ensure its welding quality, the surface of the casting must be cleaned, avoiding oil pollution or slag inclusion.

The spot welding or balanced welding is suitable for the welding of the heat resistant steel charging tray.

In order to avoid stress concentration which will make the casting crack, when welding the first layer ( bottoming ), if the abutment joint is smaller, use 3.2 welding rod. When welding the second layer, use 4.0 welding rod. Because the casting is large, it will be progressive welding according to 1/6 circle.

In the actual application, the welding of the heat resistant steel charging tray casting for this reason or that, unavoidably will suffer from different problems. We need to consult professional personnel about these problems to understand and solve, and can not solve them unilaterally.